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Consulting and training

We guide and train you

We assist you in the selection of new technologies, help you to improve processes and safeguard your interests.


>> We are consultants

Contact robotecnik for the expertise and assistance of our technicians when you are designing a new system.


If you have to choose the robot brand, you have to consider complex robotic solutions and/or integrate various technologies (robotics, CNC, PLC ...) we will help you choosing the best product for your current and future needs taking into account your staff profile and the technical complexity of the installations that have to be manufactured.


Remote connections, field bus interfaces, advanced robotics, ... we are strong at these points and we can help you imparting knowledge and helping your technical teams.


>> We are trainers

Workers, leaders, team leaders, advanced programmers... all of them need adequate training to perform their tasks efficiently.


Being a project that robotecnik have participated in, or in the case of robot programming concepts, our technicians can transmit advanced methodologies, practical and useful approaches to program the cells.


We train them in different levels in order to simplify your tasks so you can get more out of your machines.


We offer three kinds of courses:


>> Introductory level

Useful for introducing operators to robot programming and to strengthen knowledge that has been acquired previously.


>> Advanced level

Useful for operators who know the basics of programming robots, will delve into software engineering, program structure, automate processes and reduce programming time.


>> Special Level

This is a course tailored to the attendees, where they can discuss issues of previous courses and where we can delve into the needs of each client. To define the course content usually we interview previously the attendees or the team leader to define the best training strategy.

The advice of an expert and a good training are key