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FAT/SAT tests

Working tests in different stages

The success of any automation depends on the quality of the tests prior to commissioning. Aware of this fact, robotecnik work to test all the elements that are part of the installation.


Although there have been tests during the implementation process, when the process is completed robotecnik will test the installation in several stages: 


>> Initial tests

Tests carried out by the robotecnik staff without participation of the client, this is the first line of defense against unforeseen problems that might have passed unnoticed until now.


Preset patterns and cycles of tests developed through years of experience, help to minimize the time required for the initial testing phase.


>> FAT Testing

Tests on the customer ground, they will be done together with the client in order to verify compliance with the initial specifications.


These tests are performed before the commissioning of the machine.


>> SAT Tests

Tests on the final location of the installation or machine. They can be done with the machine builder and/or with the final customer.

Thorough testing so that everything runs like clockwork