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The latest technology allows us to create the best machines

Experts in multiple technologies, we provide our expertise to your projects.


>> Industrial robotics

Experts in anthropomorphic and SCARA robots, we take the advantage of their strengths (flexibility, repeatability, accessibility, autonomy, scalability, offline programming, synchronous and standalone work...) and know how to anticipate their weaknesses.


Robots working individually, piece transfer lines with robots, robots working together to access the same work area, path synchronized robots (a robot carries the part the other robots carry the tools), special robotic cells designs...


Whatever the application, our product knowledge and of the relationship operator/machine allow us to bring the ways to maximize the performance of robotic cells.


If you have multiple identical robotic cells but you have to program them individually because robots are not accurate enough, talk to us, we are experts in calibrating robots.


We are specialized in multiple brands ABB, KUKA, Staubli among others.


>> CNC and PLC

CNC and PLC programming experts, we work accordingly to the IEC 61131-3 standard which allows us to work with multiple brands and development platforms.


We specialize in PC based control, which allows us to develop large-scale installations, providing robustness, power and having the great flexibility of a software-based solution (SoftCNC and SoftPLC).


The most complex graphical user interfaces (HMI) are developed with high-level languages that give fluid and powerful interfaces that simplify the task of the operators of the machines.


We extract the maximum flexibility and power of object-oriented programming paradigms (brand new in the industrial sector) that provide some development environments natively.  We have developed a programming system that allows us to emulate this paradigm OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in environments that do not natively offer it.


We are specialized in various development environments: Beckhoff TwinCAT, CoDeSys, among others.


>> Communications and fieldbus

We are experts in multiple fieldbuses, EtherCAT, CANopen, SERCOS, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, ...

Experts in the latest technology, we select the one that best suits your needs