robotecnik - Services - Implementation

From the paper to the reality

After a good design our team of expert programmers and electricians will develop your solution using the best practices and tools.


We have expertise in many sectors, experts implementing automation solutions.


>> Software implementation

During the implementation, as well as during the design we will keep the direct contact with the customer, who can assess compliance at all times of the initial guidelines and contribute their knowledge of the process.


We love the detail, we test the program in controlled environments without the physical part connected during the development phase.


We use the best tools to assist us in the programming stage: version control software, versatile and powerful editors.


>> Construction of electrical cabinets

We work with the brands the customer requires, we follow the current regulations and provide experience after years of work in the sector.


Special cables for communications, rotary data and power transmission systems, optical fiber signal conversion to protect the signals against external disturbances.


Special connectors, inverters, servo motors and servoamplifiers, robots, distributed peripheries, special sensors ...


And, if necessary, field integration.

Small details are what matter when working on important projects