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A great design is the only success guarantee

We apply the most advanced software engineering to grant your success, reducing errors and the implementation time.


Flowcharts, simulations, calculations ... everything what’s available to prepare the implementation phase.


>> Robotic cells software design

Multi-module robot programming, API generation to ease the robot cells use reducing the operator errors, isolation of the general logic of the customer points program providing reliability, ease and speed of the operator’s programming work.


We are experts calibrating robots, taking advantage of tools that allow offline programming during the design phase to ensure the success of the cell.


When the process requires more than six axes, we configure the system to add external axes or to make several robots work together exchanging data and synchronizing paths, thus obtaining positions that would be impossible in a single lurch.


>> We design the CNC and PLC software of your machines

PC-based machine control, SoftPLC, SoftCNC and control solutions using conventional material.


Experts in volume, we have worked in machines with more than 20 CNC axes, interpolation group changes at runtime, interpolated or free movements, inverse kinematic transformations...


Object oriented programming emulation in platforms that do not support it natively to maximize code reuse, minimize errors and reduce the time of implementation.


Lowering costs through software abstraction layer control system.


The graphical user interface or HMI design is done keeping in mind the ergonomics and standardization, we work with different SCADA platforms and for more complex machines we develop on Windows platform using high level languages.


>> Design of electrical cabinets

Our expert staff regulations and building cabinets is able to design electrical schematics for your systems. In our facilities we can manufacture electrical cabinets granting the highest standards of quality and safety, complying with the regulations 100%.

We design the code that run your machines