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Robotics its in our name


The more than 20 years of experience of our technicians in multiple sectors and technologies are at your service to design and develop the programs for your applied robotics projects.ABB, KUKA, FANUC, STÄUBLI... we are industrial robots programmers


robotecnik has programmed, tested and commissioned robotic cells around the world for palletizing, machining, handling, welding, machine feeding, grinding, polishing and many other sectors.

In all these sectors we have contributed our experience and methodology that reduces the time-to-market of the product.

Special libraries

Our own libraries (available for sale) that simplify complex, repetitive, and even dangerous tasks.

A good example is lib_goHomeAuto, which returns the robot to HOME, allowing you to specify what it must do before starting to move, specialize the points you need, all while guaranteeing that the robot will return to HOME undoing the path followed previously unless other behavior through point specialization is defined, with speed reduction at the first points of the recovery path...

Your installations are faster and more reliable with our code tested on multiple robots around the world.


We have the licenses of the best simulation programs and offline programming to verify accessibility, debug the logic, check the cycle time, review, and prepare changes before deploying them to production, creation of TCPs... even assist in the visual sales demonstration to the end customer

This simulation software allows us to generate trajectories much faster than using the programming console, allowing us to move the robot without mechanical restrictions or suffering from collisions while we are programming hard-to-reach areas and/or tracking complex trajectories.

Broadly speaking, we can generate trajectories and program logic more efficiently and quickly as if we had a physical robot but without the limitations and precautions imposed by a real system.

The offline programming allows us to advance work while the installation is in the initial stages, shortening delivery times of the machine. Downtime is also reduced when modifications are being prepared in installations that are already in operation.

We use the best tools on the market, native if they are powerful enough or Visual Studio Code when it offers better features. All to generate code faster and better structured.

ABB MultiMove, KUKA RoboTeam, FANUC MultiArm, applications with a single robot or with robots sharing data... Programming complex cases is much simpler and faster when supported by offline editors and 3D simulation tools.

Online programming

Once the code and theoretical trajectories have been prepared, fine-tuning and work on the physical installation proceed.

At this point the work bases will be generated and all the contact points will be adjusted and, close to the part or any element that may generate interference.

Online programming is always supported by offline editing and simulation tools, to reduce the deployment time of changes, allowing quick edits to be made on the code on the same physical robot.

Using best practices during the simulation and offline programming phases makes this stage simpler and faster.
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