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The more than 20 years of experience of our technicians in multiple sectors and technologies are at your service to design and develop the programs for your projects in control, motion and to develop the most useful and clear graphic interfaces.PLC, CNC, HMI, WEB, Database, C#, C++, Visual Studio, object-oriented programming, IT, OT...


robotecnik has programmed, tested and commissioned machines with PLC, numerical control and visualizations all over the world for all kinds of sectors and cases.

Electronics, HVAC, automotive, carpentry, intralogistics, food, railway, medical... In all these sectors we have contributed our experience and methodology.


Machines with distributed peripherals, with multiple fieldbuses and communications, sometimes combined with robots.

We program using long-proven methodologies that allow us to reduce incidents, make programs highly scalable and easy to maintain.

We reuse code using Function Blocks, methods, properties, data structures, OOP extensions from IEC61131-3...

We adapt to your way of working and contribute our knowledge and methodology to complement your programmers.

We are specialists in TwinCAT, Codesys, Festo and Schneider SoMachine platforms.


Our technicians have worked with machines with more than 80 numerical control axes, either point to point, or in complex interpolations, sometimes making use of inverse kinematic transformations.

We change interpolation groups at runtime, manage upper layers to avoid collisions on axes that share physical space, all in combination with PLCs that can run on the same PC where the CNC software runs.

We implement motion control based on the programming and configuration of TwinCAT softCNC, Codesys, SoMotion...


Visualization is always an important part of installations.

We adapt to your stylebook, we work with alarm histories, standard visualizations (Visu, ProFace...), HTML visualizations (WebVisu,...) and desktop applications developed under the Visual Studio platform .

In all cases we can connect to existing databases and systems.


We program in Visual C++ and C#, we use MQTT to send data between devices, we can program backend and frontend web interfaces.

All together to be able to enhance your installations and add a plus when it comes to enhancing visualization or control.

We work with technologies that allow us to blend the IT and OT layers.
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