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robotecnik - Why robotecnik?

Why robotecnik?

Meaningful Difference, Real Value

Reduce time-to-market

Our technicians will help you at all stages of the project, with 3D simulations, offline programming, commissioning, FAT, SAT...

robotecnik's knowledge and resources in Robotics, PLC, CNC, HMI and IT will reduce the time needed to deliver your projects, making them more profitable.

Resource optimization

Outsource software development to have knowledge without having to invest in long and expensive training.

Make your workforce more flexible and eliminate fixed costs. Robotecnik brings you professionals with experience and knowledge to obtain performance from day one.

Dilated experience

Having programmed a large number of installations for a diverse set of industries, robotecnik is in a unique position to provide knowledge from the whiteboard to the final installation.

Advanced knowledge in key subjects

Robot programmers, PLC programmers.

We bring your most complex systems to life with our programming services.

3D simulations, offline programming, robot calibration, PLC programming with OOP extensions of IEC61131-3, advanced motion with electronic cams, interpolations and inverse kinematic transformations, XTS.

Capable of going from I/O to cloud bringing deep IT knowledge to automation.

The latest technology

The latest versions of 3D simulators and software to configure and program cells with one or more robots.

The latest versions of software to configure and program PLC, CNC and the newest electronics.

Cloud access, databases and Visual Studio.

4.0 industry

From the control of inputs and outputs and motion axes, through communications to multiple fieldbuses, and the industrial programming of PLCs and robots to the capture of data in real time and its subsequent transmission to the cloud, work with databases and TI using multiple protocols such as MQTT and representation through frontend and backend web pages.Transversal programming services OT & IT
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